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Variations in life conditions in natural environments cause death, disease and massive migrations of species.

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In this collection, we have tried to lay out the variety and complexity of the issues at the intersection of climate change and human society.

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Adaptation measures mainly relate to addressing the impacts of global warming that have become unavoidable and that are already being experienced or that have a high probability of occurring within a relatively short timeframe. Not surprisingly, some of the greatest support for wealthier societies doing more is found in relatively poor economies that are not major sources of emissions. Natural factors also contribute.

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Likewise, people use probability data from weather forecasts to decide if they should take an umbrella to work, move a scheduled outdoor event indoors, or cancel a ball game.

Ironically the host country itself is the highest per capita carbon emitter in the world, while the US and China remain the biggest emitters in absolute terms. The emissions covered by the Protocol are not only carbon dioxide, but also methane, nitrous oxide, hydrofluorocarbons, perfluorocarbons and sulfur hexafluoride.


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American workers have faced wage stagnation, difficult working conditions, and a wholesale effort to decimate their ability to organize for the past several decades.

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