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According to the information gathered from the Labour Conciliation Office at the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs a little, more than half of the labour disputes that went through the mediation process are settled amicably.

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Achefer District of Amhara Region indicated that farmers are empowered to report land rent deals to local administrative bodies or the District land administration offices after the land law allowed them to rent land for such an extended period.

Sustainable Rural Livelihood, Working Paper No. Moreover, the study has not ignored the positive outcomes of trade liberalisation and labour deregulation in Ethiopia. Moreover, labour proclamation provides that workers have the right to establish and join the organisation of their choice.

There have been critics against these constitutional provisions and the land administration proclamations derived from it.

Women and global employment situations and have enacted their labour law so far less severe penalties laid down in textile and its government organ called a summary termination. The Labour Proclamation No.

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Moreover, there is no provision that deals with the protection of women workers rights except one provision that grants women one month maternity leave, with half wage payment.

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The Refugee Convention urges states to pursue their best endeavor to facilitate the assimilation and naturalization of refugees.

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Thus, setting minimum wage is the main concern of women in Ethiopia.

  • Seoul Journal of Economics, pp.
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Globalisation and Core Labour Rights: What Role for the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund?

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  • Durable Solutions One modality of durable solution for refugees is local integration.
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Although land ownership remains fragmented, the land lease would help to encourage consolidating farms and to apply economically feasible technologies including improved inputs.


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