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Business leaders must set boundaries through business policy to mitigate potential problems before they occur.

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For example, a person who merely resides in the same home as the child but was never delegated any authority over the child and in fact did not exercise any control over the child is not a caretaker.

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Like what you read? During the interview, note memory lapses and difficulty recalling what the interviewer has just said. This development also highlights the importance of describing any standing requirement in the relevant job description. Suicidal students usually want to communicate their feelings; any opportunity to do so should be encouraged.

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When an employer has a reasonable belief that an employee has a psychological condition that impairs their ability to perform essential job functions or poses a direct safety threat, they can require the employee to undergo a fitness for duty evaluation.

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California courts have held that in certain circumstances the plaintiff is liable for costs only if the plaintiff has the ability to pay.

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