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Non cash transactions are not entered in receipts and payment account because it is prepared on the basis of cash book of accounting.

ERP 9 has Receipts and Payments report that displays the cash flow summary of an organization with. It is also referred by external parties like banks, donors who have financial interest in the company.

Whereas, on the other hand, advance subscription received for the next accounting period during the current period and outstanding subscription for the preceding period are deducted from the subscription received during the current period.

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Note: f incoming partner brings proportionate capital but is bringing a part of his share of Goodwill in Cash then unpaid share of goodwill should be debited to his Current Account and not to his Capital Account.

Secondary data were gathered from review of related journals, textbooks, internets, magazines and daily newspapers. Receipts and Payments during the year can be adjusted before preparation of the financial statements.

Balance of Receipts and Payments Account at the close of the period is the profit earned by the concern. They do not prepare Income and Expenditure Account and Balance Sheet.

There are of payment account and limitations of repayment of deferred revenue.

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