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Their families nor any german government, and artistic property, the palace of the great britain and associated power and susceptible of. Slovak State may require the construction of a railway line in German territory between the stations of Schlauney and Nachod. CLEMENCEAU said: The Session is open.

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The starter of this lesson will have students define justice so that they will understand the context of the rest of the lesson. Germany, but were forbidden to do so as per the Treaty of Versailles. Delegates present is in favour of considering them.

The nature and amount of the products which shall enjoy the benefits of this regime shall be communicated each year to the German Government. League of Nations for Europe, and based all of his arguments on the Fourteen Points he had created in order to gain world peace.

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Members of the League, the State or States, not Members of the League shall be invited to accept the obligations of membership in the League for the purposes of such dispute, upon such conditions as the Council may deem just.

The voting is void unless the total number of votes cast is equal to half the number of the Delegates attending the Conference.

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German Empire and States shall be deemed to include all the property of the Crown, the Empire or the States, and the private property of the former German Emperor and other Royal personages.

We came to Paris confident that the new order was about to be established, we left it convinced that the new order had merely fouled the old. Rhine where it forms the boundary of France and Germany without the previous approval of the Central Commission or of its agents.

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They will be entitled to retain the immovable property which they own in the territory of the other State in which they were habitually resident before opting.

Germany without landing, subject always to any regulations which may be made by Germany, and which shall be applicable equally to the aircraft of Germany and to those of the Allied and Associated countries.

Fourteen Points and the Treaty of Versailles were both rejected by the United States Congress?

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Ask students to think from the perspective of citizens of that country who know the effects of the war.

Than those international arrangements for the allied and old age insurance company, securities and interests is engraved the versailles treaty of the territory applicable to it?

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Germany waives all claims against the Chinese Government or against any Allied or Associated Government arising out of the internment of German nationals in China and their repatriation.

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Treaty for the purpose of delimiting on the spot the frontier of the territory as described above, taking into account as far as possible the existing communal boundaries.

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This resulted in the dependence of the government on state trade and property tax, and profits made from municipal utilities.

These employees and officials may not be assembled for military training.

Jewish people that were scapegoated because of their financial prosperity.

  • Germany must keep these areas free from mines.
  • These decisions would render Germany defenseless against external attack.

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France would have taken this area to protect itself however from the German side of the border this would have been an extreme provocation and it would have certainly created a huge crisis in the aftermath.

The northern end of the Hall was reserved for journalists while guests were placed on the south side.

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  • Further, the modifications set out in the following Articles shall immediately be made in the Convention of Mannheim.

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Germany feeling the need to defend themselves and the army could have possibly prevented cases of rape in the occupied areas. The vanquishers, as well as the vanquished people, must guard against this menacing danger with its incalculable consequences.

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All such international bureaux and all commissions for the regulation of matters of international interest hereafter constituted shall be placed under the direction of the League.

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The most celebrated indictment was delivered by the young economist John Maynard Keynes, a disillusioned member of the British delegation in Paris.


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