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An application for a permit must include all necessary forms and construction documents as required by the department.

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Where a sand filter field cannot rely on gravity to distribute waste, a pressure distribution system designed by a professional engineer must be used.

Where such may occur the owner is required to consult the Department of Buildings and receive instructions before work is started.

All enclosures shall be substantial and at least four feet high but may be omitted in cases where masonry walls of adjoining buildings abut the parking space.

The sprinkler main shall not be less in size than the sprinkler riser and shall not be less in size than any branch it serves.

An open parking lot shall be occupied and used for the purpose stated on the Certificate of Occupancy; no other use, occupancy or service shall be conducted on the premises. Primary site safety manager or coordinator.

Every owner of a retaining wall shall pay to the department a report filing fee for each report of condition assessment in the amount prescribed by this code.

Persons Authorized to Perform Inspections, Tests, Certifications, and Other Functions on Behalf of the Department.

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Where posts supporting the shed deck are placed beyond the curb, such posts shall be protected against displacement by vehicles as directed by the Department of Transportation.

The City may provide grants to help eligible landlords fix lead paint hazards in their buildings.

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Such facilities shall be identified on approved plans and shall be noted on the certificate of occupancy with a statement that the bicycling accommodations dedicated to such facilities were provided in accordance with this section.

For a dwelling unit within a property that is owned by a condominium or held by a shareholder of a cooperative corporation under a proprietary lease, the unit must be occupied by the owners of record for such unit.

Where a separate trade or contractor uses the mast climber, such trade or contractor shall assume responsibility for the use and operation mast climber as the equipment user. Sang Chi Um is associated with this address. COASTAL EROSION HAZARD AREAS.

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An examination shall also aid to secure and shall not submitted with applicable, without nyc zoning resolution, revising or the commissioner regarding the license renewal. The installation, maintenance, repair, modification, extension, or alteration or testing of a fire suppression piping system in any building in the city of New York.

It shall be an affirmative defense that the respondent neither knew nor should have known that such statements were false.

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To provide necessary openings for intermittent operations one or more sections of a required railing may be hinged or supported in sockets.

Rigging hardware may only be repaired, altered, or modified by the manufacturer of the rigging hardware, or an entity authorized by the manufacturer.

Breaking news about crime, crashes, and emergency situations on Staten Island, New York.

If a vacuum test is used, it must apply five inches of mercury vacuum for ten minutes.

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  • SPA OfferingThe site safety manager or coordinator shall ensure that all daily entries in the site safety log are completed.

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Seating and other moveable furnishings shall be maintained at all times during occupancy in accordance with the approved plan.

The unsafe building proceeding shall have precedence over every other business of such supreme court.

Any structural member that is being dismembered shall not support any load other than its own weight, and such member shall be chained or lashed in place to prevent any uncontrolled swing or drop.


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