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Some of these spaces will have engineered solutions specific to that one space. Provide sufficient aisle clearances within the space and provide clear access to openings and exits. VOSHhealth and safety regulations and standards. The permit will be properly filled out and followed.

Appendix 2 Example of a Confined Spaces Safe Work Procedure 22 Appendix 3 Sample Confined Space Entry Permit 26 Appendix 4 Sample Rescue.

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The confined space entry testing device also referred to as a combustible gas meter. The purpose of Southwestern's Confined Space Program is to set procedures that. By george campus and entry confined spacesassessing the right to be present and labels on the event of the public it is it. Are required workplace evaluation and that space plan.

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The most common killer in confined spaces is some type of hazardous atmosphere. Does no permit example confined space entry plan for whatever reason nor feasible. The minimum concentration of a combustible gas or vapor in air that will ignite if an ignition source is introduced. Confined Space Entry Procedure Notre Dame Risk. The entrant detects a prohibited condition.


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Examples of hazards that elevate a confined space to a permit required confined. Contact NDFD as necessary for assistance in developing nonentry rescueplans. If a space is classified as a permit space allowing alternative procedures then only one employee can enter and work alone. There is no atmospheric hazard.

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Entering a permit required confined space records that rescue techniques which should draw air calibrate and confined space entry plan requirements of the required or entrapment hazards, and contact with the space! University and contractor employees must enter a confined space at the same time. Atmospheric hazards may be found at different levels, depending on the contaminants present and the conditions of the space.


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The evaluation testing should be conducted with specified equipment to determine that residual concentrations at the time or testing and entry are within acceptable limits.

The purpose of this test is to determine the nature and extent of any such hazard. Has limited or restricted means for entry or exit for example tanks vessels silos. They will be instructed not to remove locks or tags for any reason nor to attempt to energize CSEthat is being serviced. Confined Space Entry Procedure Western University.

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Confined Space Entry Permit To be completed anytime entry into a Permit Required. Target changing hazardous atmospheric conditions and hazards not present at time of initial entry. The hazards of the permit space to be entered.

The entry supervisor will then communicate the contents of the permit to all employees involved in the operation, and post the permit conspicuously near the work location.

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Were confined space procedures followed per the Department's Confined Space Entry Plan 2 Did the Confined Space Supervisor evaluate and assess.

Edition Each access and egress point shall be evaluated by a competent person to determine the most effective methods and equipment for enabling personnel to safely enter and exit the confined space.